• The aerodynamics of high loaded lifting surfaces.
• Section characteristics of thin, highly loaded lifting surfaces.
• Forces on surface piercing lifting surfaces.
• Hydrodynamics of rapid reaction chemical reactors.
• Design and construction of precision wave channel and flume.
• Theory of seakeeping for towing in waves at sea.
• Wave forces on ocean structures.
• Evaluation of mooring line effects by mooring point impedances.
• Forces and motions of floating barriers.
• Methods of evaluating floating barriers.
• Instrumentation for measurement of the seakeeping aspects of oil pollution control
• Mass transport of water and floating oil by waves.

• Wave effects on the containment and spreading of oil slicks.
• Hydrodynamics of oil-water interfaces.
• Oil slick control in the offshore environment.
• Dispersion of oil slicks by ocean waves and turbulence.
• Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid plumes above offshore well blowouts.
• Response of floating platforms to offshore well blowouts.
• Methods of subsea collection of oil from subsea well blowouts.
• Environmentally Protective Treatment of oil in a Damaged Ship Through Rapid
  Mixing With a Bubble Plume.
• Dynamics, Hydrodyanmics, Design and Instrumentation of Sailing Vessels.
• Seakeeping and Dynamic Forces of Towing at Sea; including non-linear extremal
• Detection of Ship Wakes with Synthetic Aperture Radar.
• Energy Balance for Short Sea Waves Influencing Microwave Remote Sensing of the
  Sea Surface.
• Measurement of Short Sea Waves in the Wakes of Ships.
• Potential Use of Synthetic Aperture Sonar for Ocean Searching.
• Assessment of Side Scan Sonar Signatures of Hazardous Waste Containers.
• Dynamics and Extreme Tensions in Open Ocean Towing of Submarines.
• Optical Measurement of Short Sea Wave Directional Spectra.
• Optimizing Trim of Tankers for Minimum Fuel Consumption.
• Forces on Undersea Vehicles near Boundaries.
• Nonlinear Energy Transfer to Short Sea Waves in the Presence of Long Waves.
• Interactions Between Radar Scattering Sea Waves and Ocean Surfactants.
• Maneuvering of Submarines and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
• Computational Reconstruction of Optical Fields from Holograms.
• Development of Methods and Instrumentation for Measurement of Turbulent Bubbly
  Flow in the Ocean.
• Dynamics of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in and Near the Surf Zone.
• Uncertainty in Ocean Acoustic Measurements.

• Ship and Yacht Resistance Including Wave and Viscous Effects

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