2.706: Sailing Vessel Design
Intro to sailing yacht design: hull and appendage design,
hydrostatics and hydrodynamics of complete vessel,
aerodynamics of sails, rig design, structural calculation.
Course includes an individual complete design project.

2.701: Introduction to Naval Architecture



Previous Courses Instructed
• Fluid Mechanics (Mechanical Engineering)
• Hydrodynamics of Sailing Vessels
• Hydrofoils and Propellers
• Introduction to Ocean Science and Technology
• Introduction to Random Processes in Ocean Engineering
• Linear Systems in Ocean Engineering
• Marine Hydrodynamics
• Ocean Engineering Laboratory
• Principles of Naval Architecture
• Ship Design
• Signals and Systems (electrical)
• Transport, Fate and Effects of Ocean Pollutants
• Modern Optics Laboratory
• Numerical Marine Hydrodynamics



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