Joseph A. Formaggio

Research Assistant Professor

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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(I'm the guy near the pole...)

Research Interests:

My main field of research is experimental neutrino physics.I have been particularly fascinated with the interplay between neutrinos and cosmology. Why is the neutrino mass so small? How does the mass of the neutrino affect the evolution of galaxies and the universe? Do neutrinos tell us hidden secrets of physics at very high energy scales?

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

The Karlsruhe Neutrino Mass Experiment

The Braidwood Reactor Neutrino Experiment

Professional Information:

Curriculum Vitae

Columbia Ph. D. Thesis on exotic searches.

Recent Publications

Recent Talks


8.13 :  (Junior Lab, Fall Term)

8.02T :  (Electromagnetism, Spring Term)

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Useful Links :

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