A Man's Kimono - Hakama

Hakama, which may look like a skirt in this photograph, are actually a pair of pleated pants, worn over a kimono. Hakama are worn today on formal occasions, and are also used in the practice of the traditional martial arts such as Aikido, Kendo (fencing) and archery.

In the martial arts, it is said that the seven pleats of a hakama represent the seven virtues of bushido which are:

  1. Gi --the right decision
  2. Yu -- bravery
  3. Jin -- universal love, benevolence toward mankind; compassion
  4. Rei -- right action, courtesy
  5. Makoto -- sincerity, truthfulness
  6. Meiyo -- honor
  7. Chugi -- devotion, loyalty

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Date last modified: 12-Oct-1999
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