Renew Tickets

Renew a ticket to extend its usable lifetime. Each time a ticket is renewed, its lifespan is reset to the original length of the ticket. It can then be used until the new time listed in the "Valid Until" column in the main window.

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Renew ticket once

  1. If you have more than one principal, click to select all principals with tickets you want to renew.
  2. Click the Renew Ticket button in the Home tab or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + r].

The ticket lifetime is reset for all of the selected principal's renewable tickets.

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Renew tickets automatically

  1. Open the Options tab in the main window.
  2. In the Ticket Options panel, select the Automatic Ticket Renewal checkbox if it is not already checked.

Your renewable tickets will automatically reset their lifetimes before they expire, until the renewable lifetime of the tickets is reached.

Note: This feature only works while MIT Kerberos is active and running. This means that if your machine is in hibernation mode or if Kerberos is not running when it is time to renew your tickets, your tickets will not be renewed and will expire instead.

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What's necessary to renew tickets

You can renew a ticket if the following conditions are met:

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Find how long a ticket can be renewed

  1. Open the Options tab in the main window.
  2. In the View Options panel, select the Renewable Until checkbox.

The Renewable Until column will appear. You can renew your ticket repeatedly until the date and time in this column is reached.

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