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GSSAPI Error Codes

Generic GSSAPI Errors:

  1. G_BAD_SERVICE_NAME: No in SERVICE-NAME name string
  2. G_BAD_STRING_UID: STRING-UID-NAME contains nondigits
  3. G_NOUSER: UID does not resolve to username
  4. G_VALIDATE_FAILED: Validation error
  5. G_BUFFER_ALLOC: Couldn't allocate gss_buffer_t data
  6. G_BAD_MSG_CTX: Message context invalid
  7. G_WRONG_SIZE: Buffer is the wrong size
  8. G_BAD_USAGE: Credential usage type is unknown
  9. G_UNKNOWN_QOP: Unknown quality of protection specified
  10. G_BAD_HOSTNAME: Hostname in SERVICE-NAME string could not be canonicalized
  11. G_WRONG_MECH: Mechanism is incorrect
  12. G_BAD_TOK_HEADER: Token header is malformed or corrupt
  13. G_BAD_DIRECTION: Packet was replayed in wrong direction
  14. G_TOK_TRUNC: Token is missing data
  15. G_REFLECT: Token was reflected
  16. G_WRONG_TOKID: Received token ID does not match expected token ID

Kerberos 5 GSSAPI Errors:

  1. KG_CCACHE_NOMATCH: Principal in credential cache does not match desired name
  2. KG_KEYTAB_NOMATCH: No principal in keytab matches desired name
  3. KG_TGT_MISSING: Credential cache has no TGT
  4. KG_NO_SUBKEY: Authenticator has no subkey
  5. KG_CONTEXT_ESTABLISHED: Context is already fully established
  6. KG_BAD_SIGN_TYPE: Unknown signature type in token
  7. KG_BAD_LENGTH: Invalid field length in token
  8. KG_CTX_INCOMPLETE: Attempt to use incomplete security context
  9. KG_CONTEXT: Bad magic number for krb5_gss_ctx_id_t
  10. KG_CRED: Bad magic number for krb5_gss_cred_id_t
  11. KG_ENC_DESC: Bad magic number for krb5_gss_enc_desc
  12. KG_BAD_SEQ: Sequence number in token is corrupt
  13. KG_EMPTY_CCACHE: Credential cache is empty
  14. KG_NO_CTYPES: Acceptor and Initiator share no checksum types