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Retrieving Policies

To retrieve a policy, use the kadmin get_policy command, which requires the "inquire" administrative privilege. The syntax is:

     get_policy [-terse] policy

The get_policy command has the alias getpol. For example:

     kadmin: get_policy admin
     Policy: admin
     Maximum password life: 180 days 00:00:00
     Minimum password life: 00:00:00
     Minimum password length: 6
     Minimum number of password character classes: 2
     Number of old keys kept: 5
     Reference count: 17

The reference count is the number of principals using that policy.

The get_policy command has a -terse option, which lists each field as a quoted, tab-separated string. For example:

     kadmin: get_policy -terse admin
     admin   15552000        0       6       2       5       17