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The native (bundled) compiler for HPUX currently will not work, because it is not a full ANSI C compiler. The optional ANSI C compiler should work as long as you give it the -Ae flag (i.e. ./configure CC='cc -Ae'). This is equivalent to ./configure CC='c89 -D_HPUX_SOURCE', which was the previous recommendation. This has only been tested recently for HPUX 10.20.

You will need to configure with --disable-shared --enable-static, because as of 1.4 we don't have support for HPUX shared library finalization routines, nor the option (yet) to ignore that lack of support (which means repeated dlopen/dlclose cycles on the Kerberos libraries may not be safe) and build the shared libraries anyways.

You will also need to configure the build tree with --disable-thread-support if you are on HPUX 10 and do not have the DCE development package installed, because that's where the pthread.h header file is found. (We don't know if our code will work with such a package installed, because according to some HP documentation, their pthread.h has to be included before any other header files, and our code doesn't do that.)

If you use GCC, it may work, but some versions of GCC have omitted certain important preprocessor defines, like __STDC_EXT__ and __hpux.