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Next you need to add administrative principals to the Kerberos database. (You must add at least one now.) To do this, use kadmin.local on the master KDC. The administrative principals you create should be the ones you added to the ACL file. (See See Add Administrators to the Acl File.) In the following example, the administration principal admin/admin is created:

     shell% /usr/local/sbin/kadmin.local
     kadmin.local: addprinc admin/admin@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
     NOTICE: no policy specified for "admin/admin@ATHENA.MIT.EDU";
     assigning "default".
     Enter password for principal admin/admin@ATHENA.MIT.EDU:  <= Enter a password.
     Re-enter password for principal admin/admin@ATHENA.MIT.EDU:  <= Type it again.
     Principal "admin/admin@ATHENA.MIT.EDU" created.