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3 Kerberos V5 Reference

This section will include copies of the manual pages for the Kerberos V5 client programs. You can read the manual entry for any command by typing man command, where command is the name of the command for which you want to read the manual entry. For example, to read the kinit manual entry, you would type:

     shell% man kinit

Note: To be able to view the Kerberos V5 manual pages on line, you may need to add the directory /usr/local/man to your MANPATH environment variable. (Remember to replace /usr/local with the top-level directory in which Kerberos V5 is installed.) For example, if you had the the following line in your .login file1:

     setenv MANPATH /usr/local/man:/usr/man

and the Kerberos V5 man pages were in the directory /usr/krb5/man, you would change the line to the following:

     setenv MANPATH /usr/krb5/man:/usr/local/man:/usr/man


[1] The MANPATH variable may be specified in a different initialization file, depending on your operating system. Some of the files in which you might specify environment variables include .login, .profile, or .cshrc.