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2.4.1 Overview of Additional Features

The Kerberos V5 network programs are those programs that connect to another host somewhere on the internet. These programs include rlogin, telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp, and ksu. These programs have all of the original features of the corresponding non-Kerberos rlogin, telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp, and su programs, plus additional features that transparently use your Kerberos tickets for negotiating authentication and optional encryption with the remote host. In most cases, all you'll notice is that you no longer have to type your password, because Kerberos has already proven your identity.

The Kerberos V5 network programs allow you the options of forwarding your tickets to the remote host (if you obtained forwardable tickets with the kinit program; see Obtaining Tickets with kinit), and encrypting data transmitted between you and the remote host.

This section of the tutorial assumes you are familiar with the non-Kerberos versions of these programs, and highlights the Kerberos functions added in the Kerberos V5 package.