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2.4.5 rsh

The Kerberos V5 rsh program works exactly like the standard UNIX rlogin program, with the following Kerberos features added:

forwards a copy of your tickets to the remote host.
forwards a copy of your tickets to the remote host, and marks them re-forwardable from the remote host.
-k realm
requests tickets for the remote host in the specified realm, instead of determining the realm itself.
encrypts the input and output data streams (the command line is not encrypted)

For example, if your Kerberos tickets allowed you to run programs on the host as root, you could run the date program as follows:

     shell% rsh -l root -x date
     This rsh session is using DES encryption for all data transmissions.
     Tue Jul 30 19:34:21 EDT 2002

If you forwarded your Kerberos tickets, rsh automatically destroys them when it exits. The full set of options to Kerberos V5 rsh are discussed in the Reference section of this manual. (see rsh Reference)