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KADM5 hook interface (kadm5_hook)ΒΆ

The kadm5_hook interface allows modules to perform actions when changes are made to the Kerberos database through kadmin. For a detailed description of the kadm5_hook interface, see the header file <krb5/kadm5_hook_plugin.h>.

The kadm5_hook interface has five primary methods: chpass, create, modify, remove, and rename. (The rename method was introduced in release 1.14.) Each of these methods is called twice when the corresponding administrative action takes place, once before the action is committed and once afterwards. A module can prevent the action from taking place by returning an error code during the pre-commit stage.

A module can create and destroy per-process state objects by implementing the init and fini methods. State objects have the type kadm5_hook_modinfo, which is an abstract pointer type. A module should typically cast this to an internal type for the state object.

Because the kadm5_hook interface is tied closely to the kadmin interface (which is explicitly unstable), it may not remain as stable across versions as other public pluggable interfaces.