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Solaris versions 2.0 through 2.3

The gethostbyname() routine is broken; it does not return a fully qualified domain name, even if you are using the Domain Name Service routines. Since Kerberos V5 uses the fully qualified domain name as the second component of a service principal (i.e, host/, this causes problems for servers who try to figure out their own fully qualified domain name.


  1. Supply your own resolver library. (such as bind-4.9.3pl1 available from
  2. Upgrade to Solaris 2.4
  3. Make sure your /etc/nsswitch.conf has `files' before `dns' like:
              hosts:      files dns

    and then in /etc/hosts, make sure there is a line with your workstation's IP address and hostname, with the fully qualified domain name first. Example:


    Note that making this change may cause other programs in your environment to break or behave differently.