LEMI: Laboratory for Energy and Microsystems Innovation

Congratulations to Qianru! (July 2018)

Qianru Wang succesfully defended her Ph.D., congrats Qianru!

Congratulations to Andrew and Rameech! (June 2018)

Congratulations to members of LEMI that graduated this year, Andrew Jones (Ph.D.) and Rameech McCormack (M.S.)!

Congratulations to Andrew Jones, III (Nov. 2017)

Congratulations to Andrew Jones for successfully defending his Ph.D.! Andrew will be moving to Northeastern University as a postdoctoral fellow.

NIH Funding (Oct. 2017)

LEMI, in an effort led by Dr. Christopher Johnston at the Forsyth Institute, has been awarded a highly competitive NIH Director's Transformative Research Award.

LEMI Spinout (Sep. 2017)

Kytopen Corp., a company commercializing technology from LEMI, has received start-up funding from The Engine. Former LEMI Research Scientist Paulo Garcia is CEO of Kytopen.

Tenure at MIT (May 2017)

Cullen has been awarded tenure at MIT, congratulations to Cullen and all LEMI members past and present!

The LEMI mission is to exploit microscale electric field driven transport phenomena for applications in biotechnology, fluid mechanics, and energy. In microbial biotechnology, LEMI employs electric fields to both manipulate and assess cell phenotypes of interest for applications ranging from healthcare to biofuels.

LEMI is also developing a hydrogen bromine laminar flow battery (HBLFB). This technology, boasting a membrane-less architecture, was invented in LEMI and is being developed in collaboration with Martin Bazant (Chemical Engineering, MIT). The power density and efficiency of the HBLFB rival the best membrane-based systems, but at potentially lower cost by using cheap, plentiful reactants and eliminating the need for expensive membranes.