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MISSION: The MIT Mars Society pursues the exploration and human settlement of the planet Mars through focused public outreach, technical projects, and community organization. We aim to accelerate targeted development of space technology and private enterprise by leveraging the resources of MIT and its affiliates.
30 Apr 2005Boy Scout Space Workshop
09 Apr 2005Boston Yuri's Night Celebration
23 Oct 2004Girl Scout Space Workshop (MGB)
29 Sep 2004Scaled Composites X1 Launch Party
15 May 2004Boy Scout Space Workshop
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10-13 Nov 2005SpaceVision 2005 Conference (UIUC)
11-14 Nov 2004SpaceVision 2004 Conference
09-09 Aug 2004Mars Construction Field Trip (MHP)
09-11 Apr 2004MarsWeek 2004 Conference
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Apr 2004 - Mars Homestead Project (MHP)
Sep 2001 - Mars Gravity Biosatellite (MGB)
Jan 2000 - Jun 2001Martian Chronicles
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Mars Foundation Holding Events at MIT's IAP

January 09, 2005 — The Mars Foundation will be holding a number of events at MIT during the annual IAP (Independent Activities Period) in January and early February. Activities will include an overview of the Mars Homestead Project, a discussion of UROP opportunities for MIT students, and recurring work sessions on technology planning and robotic systems development.

The schedule of Mars Foundation IAP events is now available. Please note that these events are only open to members of the MIT community. Boy Scouts Launch Model Rockets at the 2005 Boy Scout Space Workshop

2005 Boy Scout Space Workshop Attracts 16 Troops

April 30, 2005 — The MIT Mars Society's annual Boy Scout Space Workshop attracted its largest group ever this year for activities pursuing the Space Exploration merit badge. Over 80 scouts from 16 troops launched model rockets, designed interplanetary spacecraft and space stations, and completed classes in orbital mechanics, rocket propulsion, space history, and celestial phenomena.

Scouts assembled Estes model rockets before the day of the event and brought them to launch pads erected on MIT's Briggs Field. Despite the wet weather and low-altitude winds, nearly all rockets were successfully recovered with their deployable parachutes. The scouts learned the basics of range safety and ignited their own solid rocket motors for each launch.

Afternoon classes explored topics including: how rockets work and how to make them better; the objects in our solar system and why they formed as they did; the most efficient way to launch missions to Mars; and the past and future of space exploration concepts and programs. MIT Mars Society volunteers from numerous labs and departments assisted with the course instruction.

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