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Students are eligible to receive MATLAB free of charge for academic use on personally owned machines. For more information, see: the software grid (search for MATLAB in the Title field).

For information about acquiring MATLAB for Faculty and Staff on MIT owned computers, see the software grid (search for MATLAB in the Title field).

New (9/25/17): MATLAB 9.3 is now available

What is MATLAB? Where does it come from?

MATLAB is a technical computing environment for high-performance numeric computation and visualization, produced by The MathWorks Inc. It includes a number of subject specific toolboxes as well as a dynamic system simulation package, Simulink.

MATLAB on Athena

MATLAB 9.2/Release 2017a is the current default (i.e., this is the version obtained by typing: add matlab; matlab).

MATLAB 7.3, 7.14 and 9.3 are also available; see the links below for more information.

For information on new features in the latest release, see:


MATLAB is an officially supported software package for the MIT Athena Computing Environment. By "officially supported" we mean:

Documentation, Tutorials, and Other Resources

Online Documentation

The MathWorks' web-based online "Help Desk" includes a full documentation set in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, a searchable command index, and links to other information. There are several ways to view the online documentation:

General MATLAB Resources

Problems or Questions?

Help with MATLAB
If you are affiliated with MIT, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc"). Otherwise, see the other resources above or contact The MathWorks for help.

Sending bug reports
Athena users should report problems via the "sendbug" command.

Software at MIT
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