Discover Mechanical Engineering is an exciting program designed to provide freshmen with a hands-on introduction to the field and study of mechanical engineering at MIT.

The SoccerBot is the core of the program. Participants build their own customized version of the SoccerBot, which was developed specifically for this program. SoccerBots are radio controlled, battery powered robots. It might take a while to learn to drive these little robots, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be driving it all over campus! At the end of the program, everyone takes part in a single-elimination soccer tournament. Each player controls the SoccerBot he or she built. Teams play in groups of four and try to knock their competitors out of the running.

We provide undergraduate mentors to guide participants through the program. They will help students build their SoccerBots, answer questions, and help their teams in any way possible. We encourage participants and mentors to form strong bonds that will last beyond Discover Mechanical Engineering.

Dates to remember:
  • August 20 - FPOP BBQ
  • August 21 - first day of DME!
  • August 25 - last day of DME, competition day
  • August 25 - start of MIT Orientation
  • September 4 - start of the term
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