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MIT Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) Overview

The MIT VCG is a 6-8 week engagement where a team of 5-6 highly motivated MIT/Harvard graduate students and postdocs work as consultants to solve a real business problem posed by you. Our leadership team selects one client per engagement, and we work with you to tailor a solution to your business challenge. Our team is trained using extensive resources, including professional MBB consultant mentorship and guidance from the leadership team. See some of our success stories below.

Past Client Testimonials

"Senior leadership of life sciences startup, Winter 2024"

“Our experience with our VCG project exceeded our expectations. The consultants are not only brilliant but collegial and very professional. I'd recommend this program to any startup working to solve complex problems with complex solutions.”

"Senior leadership of a disease-focused non-profit organization"

“We had the pleasure of working with the MIT VCG on a project in early 2021. Our project focused on defining the value of disease-focused non-profit participation in biotech venture capital financings. We found the students to be highly organized, inquisitive, and quick to learn about our business strategies and goals. The VCG team we worked with had the appropriate background and interests for our project, and were intelligent and talented, so they seemed to have been thoughtfully selected by the leaders of the group. Because of their dedication and efficiency, the team accomplished in eight weeks what would have taken us months internally. In addition, by keeping our identity as their client anonymous, they were able to ask questions and gather intelligence that would have been impossible for our organization to achieve directly. When they presented their findings, the VCG team shared both the primary research as well as their interim and final conclusions with us, and we had a chance to discuss and refine the project directions along the way through weekly meetings. Presentations to our team were clear and collaborative, and the VCG team was very responsive to feedback. In the end, we gained important insights for our organization, and we felt doubly rewarded, as we believe that our interaction and project focus was also a great training experience for our volunteer consultants.”

"Co-Founder/COO & VP of Growth of a tech startup"

“We found the MIT VCG experience to be incredibly valuable to our organization. The mentors and consulting team did a great job discovering where our team was aligned (or not) and then validating our market hypothesis with real potential customers. We came away with important insights, recommendations for improvement in our marketing and sales motion, and even introductions to prospective customers with relevant needs.”

"Senior leadership of a science education non-profit organization, Summer 2023"

“I was impressed by the group's hard work and their ability to effectively analyze the extensive data and ecosystem associated with our business and the non-profit sector in general. The recommendations provided were not only helpful but also actionable, allowing us to begin implementing some of them immediately. Among the recommendations, the ones pertaining to our website were particularly valuable.”

Application Process

Our client application process is highly competitive. We look for clients who have a business challenge that would have a huge positive impact for them if solved.

Summer 2024 Client Application Timeline:

  • Apr 8th (Mon) by 11:59PM ET: Client application form due
  • Apr 10th (Wed) - 19th (Fri): Client interviews
  • Apr 22nd (Mon): Client selection & notification
  • April 24th (Wed): Client confirmation due
  • Jun 10th - Jul 22nd: 6-week engagement period

Outside of 2024-2025 Engagement, if you are interested in applying, send us an email ( entitled “MIT VCG Client Application” and we will reach out to you to discuss the next available engagement.

Examples of Past Engagement Topics

  • Strategy
  • Market entry
  • Product development
  • Pricing

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