VCG for Volunteer Consultants

MIT Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG) Overview

The MIT VCG is a 6-8 week engagement where a team of 5-6 consultants solve a real business problem posed by a selected client. The team is led by a project leader and receives mentorship from MBB consultants. Engagements typically begin in January (winter) or June (summer). Our consultant alumni have used the skills developed by our program to get job offers at top generalist and life sciences consulting firms, as well as to win 1st place in the Harvard/MIT case competition.

Our Value Proposition - Why Apply?

Based on feedback from alumni, the MIT VCG is an invaluable experience for 3 main reasons:
1. extensive mentorship
2. learning the consulting process
3. the people

Mentorship: You receive extensive mentorship throughout the engagement, whether it be from professional consultants, personal one-on-one meetings with the leadership team, or our written documents that preserve years of VCG knowledge. We foster an environment with open communication and timely feedback.

Process: Consulting is all about having a reliable process, and at the MIT VCG we teach you how it is done. Past performance plus a great process is exactly what consulting firms look for!

People: Meet peers on your consulting team who are as equally motivated as you to learn more about consulting and potentially pursue it as a career. The connections you make with your colleagues, our leadership, and professional consultants will continue to enrich you long after the project is over!

What We Look For

We value students and postdocs with strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills, as well as those who take initiative on their own. Your educational background and the project topic do not matter, as the focus of VCG is on the business problem. In the past, we have had great volunteer consultants with completely mismatched backgrounds. For example, a project with a disease-focused non-profit included a consultant with an architecture background, and a project with an AI startup included a consultant with a humanities background. The value of the experience is in learning about the consulting process, and based on the results of our VCG alumni the top consulting firms agree!

Past Consultant Testimonials

"Consultant from 2023 engagement"

"My experience with MIT VCG, first as a Consultant and then as a Project Leader, remains a standout moment during my PhD. As a Consultant, I developed skills necessary to tackle real-world challenges, which enabled me to feel like I was making an impact swiftly and tangibly. My role as Project Leader provided me with invaluable insights into the consulting industry's interview processes, which ultimately contributed to my success in securing a consulting position at MBB. I encourage anyone who can dedicate the time to apply. This is an opportunity where the time you put in directly translates into the results you achieve.”


Q1) I have no consulting experience. Can I still participate?

Some experience in consulting case practice is preferred, but not necessary as long as you can demonstrate your interest and willingness to commit to VCG. You will be mentored throughout the 6-week project by a project leader with more experience.

Q2) Can I apply if I am not an MIT student?

Absolutely! The program is open to graduate students and postdocs in the Boston area.

Q3) What is the time commitment for this project?

We expect the engagement to be a priority during your time in VCG. Expect a minimum of 15-20 hours per week, but be prepared to contribute more to produce a high-quality project that you can be proud of. Each week you will be required to participate in two meetings: one team meeting and one client meeting.

Q4) I will not be available for some period of the 6 weeks. Does that matter?

Preferably you will be available for the duration of the project, but if you will be unavailable for a couple of days, absolutely still apply.

Q5) What is the final deliverable?

In the final client meeting, you will present your recommendation on the company's strategy to leadership at the company.

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