MIT MechE MMEC Pedro Reis

(Mechanics: Modeling, Experimentation, Computation)

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spring Semester 2014
Tuesdays, 4:00pm, Room 3-370

Feb 4 Mahmoud I. Hussein University of Colorado, Boulder Nanophononic Metamaterial: Thermal Conductivity Reduction by Local Resonance
Feb 11 Xuanhe Zhao Duke University Multi-scale Multi-mechanism Design of Tough and Bioactive Hydrogels: Theory, Experiment and Application
Feb 18 Eric Brown Yale University Universal models for large-scale coherent flow structures in turbulence
Feb 25 Wei Hong Iowa State University Spongy Mechanics of Gels
Mar 4 Laurence Brassart University of Louvain Homogenization of elasto-plastic composites €“ An incremental variational approach
Mar 11 Michael Sangid Purdue University Role of Microstructure in Predicting Fatigue Performance
Mar 18 NO SEMINAR: Spring break
Apr 1 Michael Renardy Virginia Tech Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Flows for a Model of a Thixotropic Yield Stress Fluid
Apr 8 Michael Demkowicz MIT Interface design using reduced order mesoscale models
Apr 16 Chris Rycroft Harvard Computation of three-dimensional standing water waves
Apr 22 Usama Kadri MIT Acoustic-gravity waves, theory and applications
Apr 29 Salvatore Torquato Princeton Randomness, Hyperuniformity, and Maximally Random Jammed Packings

Organizers: Ken Kamrin, Konstantin Turitsyn and  Pedro Reis  Contact Info: Ray Hardin ext. x3-5328.