MIT MechE MMEC Pedro Reis

(Mechanics: Modeling, Experimentation, Computation)

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spring Semester 2017
Tuesdays, 4:00pm, Room 3-370

Feb 14
Nicholas X Fang MIT Architectured Metamaterials for Guiding Energy Dissipation and Wave Propagation
Feb 28 Admir Masic
MIT From Biominerals to Ancient Technologies: Exploring New Routes for Durable Building Materials
Mar 7 Vivek Shenoy UPenn Cell-Matrix Interactions in Fibrosis and Cancer: Multiscale mechano-chemical models
Mar 21 Andrea Bertozzi  UCLA Particle laden flow from theory to experiment
Apr 4 Michael Shelley NYU Modeling Biosynthetic Active Matter
Apr 11 Jianmin Qu Tufts University Nonlinear Ultrasonic Methods for Nondestructive Damage Assessment in Structural Materials
Apr 25 Sindy Tang Stanford University Order and Chaos*: Collective Behavior of Crowded Drops in Microfluidic Systems
May 2 Steve Brunton University of Washington Discovery and Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems from Data
May 9 Roger Kamm MIT In Vitro Vascularized Models and their Application to Studies of Metastatic Cancer
May 16 Cem Tasan MIT Multi-field mapping guided design of healable metallic materials

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Organizers: Ming Guo, Ken Kamrin, Pedro Reis,
Themis Sapsis, Xuanhe Zhao

Contact Info: Christina Spinelli  ext. x3-5328; Rebecca Fowler ext. x4-7567