class music21.analysis.segmentByRests.Segmenter

Given a work or part, returns a list of melodic segments or intervals.

Segmenter methods

classmethod Segmenter.getIntervalList(workOrPart)

Given a work or part, returns a list of intervals between contiguous notes. NB Uses .recurse() internally so if called on a work then returns a list of lists with one list per part.

>>> example = converter.parse("tinyNotation: 4/4 E4 r F G A r g c r c")
>>> intList = analysis.segmentByRests.Segmenter.getIntervalList(example)
>>> [ for x in intList]
['M2', 'M2', 'P5']
classmethod Segmenter.getSegmentsList(workOrPart, removeEmptyLists=True)

Segments a part by its rests (and clefs) and returns a list of lists where each sublist is one segment of contiguous notes. NB Uses .recurse() internally.

>>> example = converter.parse("tinyNotation: C4 r D E r r F r G r A B r c")
>>> segments = analysis.segmentByRests.Segmenter.getSegmentsList(example)
>>> segments
[[<music21.note.Note C>],
 [<music21.note.Note D>, <music21.note.Note E>],
 [<music21.note.Note F>],
 [<music21.note.Note G>],
 [<music21.note.Note A>, <music21.note.Note B>],
 [<music21.note.Note C>]]