Chord utilities too obscure to go on the Chord object, yet still helpful enough to go in the music21 core library.

Functions chord.Chord) dict[int, pitch.Pitch]

Return a dictionary of all chordSteps in the chord. If more than one pitch shares the same chordStep such as the third in (C, E-, E, G), then only the first will appear in the dictionary.

The dictionary will be ordered by the order of pitches in the Chord.

More efficient than calling [getChordStep(x) for x in range(1, 8)] which would be O(n^2) on number of pitches.

Requires root() to be defined.

>>> ch = chord.Chord('C4 E4 G4 B4 C5 D5')
{1: <music21.pitch.Pitch C4>,
 3: <music21.pitch.Pitch E4>,
 5: <music21.pitch.Pitch G4>,
 7: <music21.pitch.Pitch B4>,
 2: <music21.pitch.Pitch D5>}