class music21.percussion.PercussionChord(notes: None | str | Sequence[str] | Sequence[Pitch] | Sequence[ChordBase] | Sequence[NotRest] | Sequence[int] = None, **keywords)

ChordBase and :class:`~music21.note.NotRest subclass that is NOT a Chord because one or more notes is an Unpitched object.

>>> pChord = percussion.PercussionChord([note.Unpitched(displayName='D4'), note.Note('E5')])
>>> pChord.isChord

Has notes, just like any ChordBase:

>>> pChord.notes
(<music21.note.Unpitched object at 0x...>, <music21.note.Note E>)

Assign them to another PercussionChord:

>>> pChord2 = percussion.PercussionChord()
>>> pChord2.notes = pChord.notes
>>> pChord2.notes
(<music21.note.Unpitched object at 0x...>, <music21.note.Note E>)

Don’t attempt setting anything but Note or Unpitched objects as notes:

>>> pChord2.notes = [note.Rest()]
Traceback (most recent call last):
TypeError: every element of notes must be a note.Note or note.Unpitched object


Two PercussionChord objects are equal if their notes are equal and in the same order (this is different from Chord, but necessary because we cannot compare based just on pitch equality)

>>> pChord == pChord2
>>> pChord3 = percussion.PercussionChord([note.Unpitched('D4')])
>>> pChord == pChord3

PercussionChord bases

PercussionChord read-only properties

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PercussionChord read/write properties


Get or set a list or tuple of all Pitch objects in this PercussionChord.

Unpitched members (that at most have only display pitches) are ignored.

>>> pChord = percussion.PercussionChord([note.Unpitched(displayName='D4'), note.Note('E5')])
>>> pChord.pitches
(<music21.pitch.Pitch E5>,)
>>> pChord.pitches = [60]
>>> pChord.pitches
(<music21.pitch.Pitch C4>,)

Notice that setting pitches has now just cleared any existing notes, pitched or unpitched: >>> pChord.notes (<music21.note.Note C>,)

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PercussionChord methods


Returns True if all the notes are equal and in the same order.

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