Natya was founded in the Summer of 1999 as the 'MIT Bharatha Natyam Club', to bring together dancers who have a love of classical Indian dance and to increase awareness of this beautiful and enjoyable art form on MIT's campus. Our name was changed to Natya in 2001 to reflect the rich and varied tradition of all the classical dances of India. Our current membership, mostly constituting MIT students and affiliates, already spans quite a range of exposure-but we all have one thing in common: a love of the art.

We organize several events, classes and workshops that serve to showcase and promote Indian classical dance on campus. Many of our members also perform regularly in events at MIT and in the Boston area. Our annual show presents an evening of classical dance from various parts of India. In September 2004, we presented a fusion dance drama of the epic "Ramayana" in Thai, Balinese and Bharatha Natyam dance styles. The presentation won the "ARCADE (Assisting Recurring Cultural and Diversty Events) Event of the Year Award" at MIT. Since we are a relatively small student group at MIT, we do NOT sponsor any non-MIT groups or performances on campus.

We also conduct regular practices (mainly for Bharatha Natyam dancers), which are scheduled either according to the show we are performing in or on a semesterly basis. These are quite informal and are open to anyone with any level of experience. We could also start practice groups for other dance forms if there is sufficient interest.

We encourage anyone interested in Indian classical dance to contact us at