Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

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Introduction - Deciding When and What to Negotiate

You should begin by figuring out what you want and (as well as you can) what the potential employer wants. It may turn out for example, after considering all your interests and what is fair in the market, that you may not even wish to raise compensation issues. Since some employers do not negotiate about salary but are willing to talk about other perquisites of a job, you may wish to think hardest about non-monetary benefits

Don't be pushed by family and friends into negotiating, unless it is right. In particular, please resist the temptation to negotiate with many employers at the same time, unless you are really interested in all of their jobs.

How do you decide whether or not it is right to negotiate ? Which topics should you concentrate on ? Below are some ideas for helping you to discover your interests and options, as well as those of your potential employer. This preparation will not only help you determine whether or not to negotiate, but it will also help you gain a better understanding of your goals and of yourself.

What's To Follow ...

Your Interests

Your Sources of Power and Lack of Power

Understanding Your Potential Employer

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