Neuron Tutorial

by Andrew Gillies and David Sterratt

This is a web based tutorial in the NEURON Simulation package. It will hopefully take you step by step, through the process of creating a complex simulation of a small network of neurons. It starts with the basics: how to create a single compartment neuron model with Hodgkin-Huxley conductances, how to run the simulator and how to display the simulation results. In part B this is extended into topics of building multi-compartmental neurons and using different types of graphs to display the results. In part C we will replicate neurons using templates and connect these neurons together, introducing "netcon". In part D we will add new membrane mechanisms to the simulator and incorporate them into our neurons. Finally, in part E, we will introduce methods for increasing simulation speed and ways of getting data out of NEURON.

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We are indebted to Kevin Martin, who wrote the tutorial upon which parts of this one are based. We are also deeply indebted to Ted Carnevale and Michael Hines for their invaluable suggestions and comments.

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