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"The New Global History," by Bruce Mazlish (English, Adobe PDF Format). 
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This article has appeared as yet only in German, as "Die Neue Globalgeschichte," in Zeitschrift fur Weltgeschichte, 3, 1, 2002, 9-22.

"Global Technoscience: The Dark Matter of Social Theory," April 2002, by Wolf Schäfer.
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"Comparing Modern Japan: Are There More Comparisons to Make?," July 2002, by Raymond Grew.

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: A Transnational Reading," September 2002, by Christina Klein.

In formal terms this is an essay about the uses of comparative historical analysis rather than an essay on global history. Nevertheless, it seems relevant in several respects. First of all, the tendency to frame Japanese history in comparative terms is in itself a product of global history. In addition, speculation about the issues and topics in Japan that call for new comparative studies becomes a discussion of global changes. Most tellingly still, the problems of comparative analysis mentioned here - finding the proper historical scale, the need to move beyond Western models, and the implications of newer theories (post-structuralist, post-colonial, and gender-based) - are also issues faced by global historians. My own guess is that in meeting challenges of topic and method, global historians will find it fruitful to turn from sweeping accounts of long-term processes to more local and often comparative analysis of specific historical problems defined within a global framework. If that is so, the comparisons used will often be surprisingly fresh. With that in mind, a global historian might find something stimulating in the unlikely comparison of Japan and Italy.

An earlier version of this essay appeared in Japan in a Comparative Perspective, Hidehiro Sonoda and S.N. Eisenstadt, eds. (Kyoto: International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 1999) and this essay was prepared for publication by the Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien, Tokyo, in 2002.
Raymond Grew

Other Articles

"A Tour Of Globalization," by Bruce Mazlish (Adobe PDF Format).

"On history becoming History: World History and New Global History," by Bruce Mazlish (English, Adobe PDF Format).

This article has appeared as yet only in Spanish, as "La histori se hace Historia: la Historia Mundial y la Nueva Historia Global," in the Annual, Memoria y Civilizacion, 4, 2001, 5-17.

"Global History: Historiographical Feasibility and Environmental Reality," 1993, by Wolf Schäfer.

"The Global Ages," 1995, by Wolf Schäfer.

"Das 20. Jahrhundert hat gerade erst begonnen. Nach welchen Kriterien kann die Gegenwartsgeschichte periodisiert, kann eine Epoche konstruiert werden?" 1996, by Wolf Schäfer.

"Global Civilization and Local Cultures," 2001, by Wolf Schäfer.

"Japanese Hip-Hop and the Globalization of Popular Culture", 2001, by Ian Condry.
Appeared in Urban Life: readings in the anthropology of the City, George Gmelch and Walter Zenner, eds. (Prospect Heights, IL, Waveland Press, Pp. 357-387.) Warning! PDF File is 1.38Mb

"Early Globalization and the Slave Trade," YaleGlobal, 9 May 2003, by Robert Harms.

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