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  • Of unusual interest is Globalization in World History, ed. A. G. Hopkins (London: Pimlico, 2002). It serves as an excellent bridge between previous globalizations and new global history. An American edition is be published by Norton shortly.

  • November 2002: a paperback edition of Globalization in World History, ed. A. G. Hopkins, has just been issued by Random House in the USA.

  • Food in Global History, ed. Raymond Grew (Boulder, CO: Westview, 1999) is a major contribution to both of the topics mentioned in its title.

  • Global Inc. is an historical atlas that maps the existence of the multinational corporations and gives visual representation to their extent, power, investment, labor force, and change over time, etc.. About 200 pages, with text accompanying the maps, it is shortly to be published by New Press.

  • Akira Iriye, Global Community, The Role of International Organizations in the Making of the Contemporary World (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002). A lucid and expertly informed treatment of how international organizations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have figured in the construction of a global community.

  • William Keylor, A World of Nations: The International Order Since 1945, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press this year, 2002. Keylor is a Professor of History and of International Relations and the Director of the International History Institute at Boston University.

  • Mehdi Mozaffari (eds), Globalization and Civilizations, is forthcoming. Available August 16, 2002.
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
    Hardback Book 041528614X - £70.00
    Paperback 0415286158 - £19.99

    Uniquely, critically interrogates the concept of 'civilization' by asking whether it is still valid in the globalized world economy of the twenty-first century. Includes 'Civilization and the 21th Century' by Robert W. Cox, 'The first normative global revolution?' by Richard Falk, 'Civilizations and World Order' by Mehdi Mozaffari, 'Standards of civilization today' by Gerrit W. Gong and case studies on Europe, the Arab world, Islam, China and India.

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