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MIT 新媒体行动实践室 (MIT NMAL)

MIT New Media Action Lab (MIT NMAL)

New Media Action Lab is devoted to carrying out research initiatives in developing countries that are seeking solutions provided by new media and information technology to alleviate the symptoms of the digital divide and to enrich the communication capability of target population.

We work with non profit organizations and communities to improve the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) literacy of members associated with them.

Through customized solutions, we assist the government in educating those living in low income and rural areas to take full advantage of state-sponsored universal services (such as China’s From Village to Village Project).

We work with domestic and transnational corporations to raise their consciousness of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and to help advance their commitment to social giving.

We work with higher education institutions in the countries of the developing world, especially university ICT labs, to design tools and software applications to serve the specific needs of targeted disenfranchised communities.

NMAL emphasize the necessity of integrating academic theories into social practice and uphold the importance of on-the-ground implementation.