PANIC11 - Rutherford Centennial


Program Committee Co-chairs

Janet Conrad & Krishna Rajagopal

Accelerator Physics

William Barletta, FNAL/MIT
Lia Merminga, TRIUMF

Applied String Theory

Steve Gubser, Princeton
Hong Liu, MIT

Dark Matter and Cosmology

Steve Kahn, SLAC
Jocelyn Monroe, MIT

Heavy Flavor Physics within and Beyond the Standard Model

Marina Artuso, Syracuse
Roger Forty, CERN

Kaons, Hypernuclei, Hadron Spectroscopy and Exotics

Reinhard Beck, Boon
Curtis Meyer, Carnegie Mellon

Neutrino Physics

Joseph Formaggio, MIT
Tsuyoshi Nakaya, Kyoto University

Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics

Angela Olinto, University of Chicago
Sanjay Reddy, LANL

Quarks and Gluons in Hadrons

Christine Aidala, LANL
Rolf Ent, JLab

Quarks and Gluons in Hot and Dense Matter

Peter Jacobs, LBNL
Gunther Roland, MIT

Standard Model Physics at the TeV Scale

Beate Heinemann, UC Berkeley
Steve Nahn, MIT
Iain Stewart, MIT

Test of Symmetries and Conservation Laws

Doug Bryman, TRIUMF
Krishna Kumar, U Mass Amherst

Tevatron and LHC Physics Beyond the SM

Tulika Bose, BU
Gustaaf Brooijmans, Columbia
Jesse Thaler, MIT




PANIC11 Group Picture


Informational Materials

Welcome Reception - Sunday, July 24th
from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at Tent by Kresge Oval

Public Lectures - Tuesday, July 26th
Free and Open to the public

Odyssey Dinner Cruise - Thursday, July 28th



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