Poster Session I (12:00 PM - 1:30 PM)

  • Policy evaluation in reinforcement learning: The impact of temporal dependence and multi-step lookahead
    Presenter: Yaqi Duan

  • Indiscriminate Poisoning Attacks on Unsupervised Contrastive Learning
    Presenter: Hao He

  • Adversarial Policies Beat Superhuman Go AIs
    Presenter: Tony Wang

  • On counterfactual inference with unobserved confounding
    Presenter: Abhin Shah

  • Dementia Detection using Text and Speech from Neuropsychological Exams
    Presenter: Nauman Dawalatabad

  • Clinical relevance of generative counterfactual explanations
    Presenter: Swami Sankaranarayanan

  • Root-cause analysis and repair of failures in autonomous decision-making
    Presenter: Charles Dawson

  • ObSynth: An Interactive Synthesis System for Generating Object Models from Natural Language Specifications
    Presenter: Alex Gu

  • A Usability Study of Nomon: a Flexible Interface for Motor-Impaired Users
    Presenter: Nicholas Bonaker

  • Distilling Model Failures as Directions in Latent Space
    Presenter: Saachi Jain

  • Reproducibility in Optimization: Theoretical Framework and Limits
    Presenter: Kwangjun Ahn

  • Straightening Out the Straight-Through Estimator: Overcoming Optimization Challenges in Vector Quantized Networks
    Presenter: Minyoung Huh

  • Redeeming intrinsic rewards via constrained optimization
    Presenter: Zhang-Wei Hong

  • Characterizing Intrinsic Compositionality in Transformers with Tree Projections
    Presenter: Pratyusha Sharma

  • Automatic Gradient Descent: Deep Learning without Hyperparameters
    Presenter: Jeremy Bernstein

  • Quasimetric Reinforcement Learning
    Presenter: Tongzhou Wang

Poster Session II (4:00 PM - 5:30 PM)

  • TRAK: Attributing Model Behavior at Scale
    Presenter: Sung Min (Sam) Park

  • Multi-fidelity time-optimal trajectory generation
    Presenter: Gilhyun Ryou

  • Learning Representations for Control: A Case Study in Linear Systems
    Presenter: Yi Tian

  • Language Entailment as Robust Self-learners
    Presenter: Hongyin Luo

  • SimPer: Simple Self-Supervised Learning of Periodic Targets
    Presenter: Yuzhe Yang

  • Datamodels: Predicting Predictions with Training Data
    Presenter: Andrew Ilyas

  • The Exact Sample Complexity Gain from Invariances for Kernel Regression on Manifolds
    Presenter: Behrooz Tahmasebi

  • Is CLIP Fooled by Optical Illusions?
    Presenter: Jerry Ngo

  • On Bridging The Gap Between Mean Field And Finite Width In Deep Random Neural Networks With Batch Normalization
    Presenter: Hadi Daneshmand

  • Learning Surrogates for Diverse Vehicle Emission Models
    Presenter: Edgar Ramirez Sanchez

  • Erasing Concepts from Diffusion Models
    Presenter: Joanna Materzynska

  • Powderworld: A Platform for Understanding Generalization via Rich Task Distributions
    Presenter: Kevin Frans

  • Estimation of Models with Limited Data by Leveraging Shared Structure
    Presenter: Maryann Rui

  • Gaussian processes at the Helm(holtz): A more fluid model for ocean currents
    Presenter: Renato Berlinghieri

  • Judging Facts, Judging Norms: Training Machine Learning Models to Judge Humans Requires a Modified Approach to Labeling Data
    Presenter: Aparna Balagopalan

  • Is Conditional Generative Modeling all you need for Decision Making?
    Presenter: Anurag Ajay

  • UniverSeg: Universal Medical Image Segmentation
    Presenter: Victor Butoi

  • Temporal Logic Imitation: Learning Plan-Satisficing Motion Policies from Demonstrations
    Presenter: Felix Yanwei Wang

  • Diversity and Expertise in Binary Votes Aggregation
    Presenter: Manon Revel