With the launch of each academic year, the Department publishes physics@mit, its annual journal for members and friends of the MIT physics community. Each issue features articles by several of our renowned faculty—written especially for our audience—on their cutting-edge research, teaching initiatives, or personal perspectives on lives spent in physics. Other regular features include new faculty profiles, student and faculty honors and awards, highlights from the year's news and events in physics, alumni/ae notes, and special profiles of our generous supporters.

Print copies of the journal are distributed each September to all MIT physics alumni/ae, as well as other MIT and Boston-area physics community members. In addition, electronic copies of each journal section are available, in PDF, by following the links to each issue below. We hope you enjoy being informed and involved in the life of physics at MIT.


Features by Lindley Winslow and Jesse Thaler (Listening for Dark Matter from the Basement of Building 24), Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and Senthil Todadri (Magic Angle Graphene: a New Twist on Quantum Materials), and Scott W. Greenwald, John Belcher, and Joseph Checkelsky (Virtual Reality in Physics Education and Research)

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Emeritus Bernard Burke.

Features by Leonid Levitov (Electrons Go Viscous — and Zippy), Anna Frebel (We're made from star stuff. And neutron star merger stuff.), and Scott Morley with Carol Breen (Center for Theoretical Physics Celebrates 50 Years)

In Remembrance of professor emeritus of physics, Eric R. Cosman '63, PhD '66 and professor emeritus of physics Stanislaw Olbert

Giving to Physics profile on Rainer Weiss, Professor of Physics Emeritus and 2017 Nobel Laureate

Features by William Detmold (The Secret Life of Quarks), Yen-Jie Lee (Jetting Through the Quark Soup), and Scott Hughes with Elizabeth Thomson (Gravitational Waves: Opening Einstein's Ears)

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Emeritus Kerson Huang, Physics Professor Emeritus Ali Javan, Physics Professor Emeritus Anthony French, Institute Professor Emerita of Physics and Electrical Engineering Mildred Dresselhaus, and Physics Professor Emeritus Arthur Kerman

Giving to Physics profile on Jim ('53, PhD '57) and Sylvia Earl

Features by Nikta Fakhri (Life Out of Equilibrium), Joseph Formaggio (Neutrinos in the Spotlight), and Isaac Chuang and Wolfgang Ketterle (A Transformative Teaching Experience in Atomic Physics at MIT)

In Remembrance of Laboratory for Nuclear Science physicist, Frederic John Eppling

Giving to Physics profile on Paul Swartz '73, PhD '79

Features by Matthew Evans (Gravitational Waves and Black Holes), Ray Ashoori, Nuh Gedik, and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (Graphene and Topological Insulators), and 2016 Oersted Medal Winner John Belcher

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Emeritus Benjamin Lax, and and Physics Professor Emeritus Malcolm W.P. Strandberg

Giving to Physics profile on Robert Lourie '82, PhD '86

Features by Tracy Slatyer (The Dark Side of the Galaxy), Janet Conrad (Small Accelerators for Big Questions), and Sara Seager (Astrophysics and the Single Mother)

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Emeritus John King, and Senior Research Scientist Emeritus Alan Lazarus

Giving to Physics profile on Carol and Jose Alonso

Features by Frank Wilczek (Triumph, Window, Clue, and Inspiration: The Higgs Particle in Context), John Belcher (The MIT Physics Department Experience with edX), and Edward Farhi and Aram Harrow (Quantum Cloning, Quantum Money, and Quantum Monogamy)

Student Profile: Nirat Ray, PhD Candidate, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Peter T. Demos

Giving to Physics profile on Jonathan Rothberg

Features by Joshua Winn (Strange New Worlds), Jeremy L. England (Life in Translation), and Ed Bertschinger (Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Physics)

Student Profile: Yonatan (Yoni) Kahn, PhD Candidate, High-Energy Theoretical Physics

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Emeritus Louis S. Osborne (PhD '50), and Physics Professor Emeritus George Koster

Giving to Physics profile on Riccardo Di Capua ('72 ML)

Features by Hong Liu (Many-body Physics Through a Gravitational Lense) and Martin Zwierlein (A Little Big Bang—Gases of ultracold atoms teach us how matter behaves under the strongest interactions that nature allows)

Student Profile: Rutuparna Das, SB '12

In Remembrance of EAPS and Physics Professor James Elliot

Giving to Physics profile of Mark Mueller ('78)

Features by Markus Klute and Gunther Roland (MIT at the Large Hadron Collider: Illuminating the High-Energy Frontier), Alexander van Oudenaarden (The MIT Physical Science-Oncology Center: Tackling Cancer Biology with Fundamental Physics), and Sean P. Robinson ("So, what did you measure?" Henry W. Kendall and Physics Junior Lab)

The 10th Anniversary of the Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Richard Yamamoto, and Physics Professor Michael S. Feld

Giving to Physics profile on Thomas Frank ('77, Ph.D. '85)

Features by Mildred Dresselhaus (Memories from a Life in Physics), Jocelyn Monroe and James Battat (Winds of Change in the Hunt for Dark Matter), and Frank Wilczek (What is Space?)

In Remembrance of Physics Professor Emeritus Laszlo Tisza

Giving to Physics profile on Juan Carlos Torres (SM '79)

Features by Eric Hudson (High Temperature Conductivity, One Atom at a Time), Robert Jaffe and Washington Taylor (The Physics of Energy: Introducing 8.21) and Sara Seager (Exoplanet Mass, Radius, and the Search for Habitable Worlds)

In Remembrance of former Physics Professor Harald A. Enge, and Physics Professor Emeritus Robert I. Hulsizer, Jr.

Giving to Physics profiles on Hale Bradt, Professor of Physics Emeritus and Serpil and Yalcin (EE ’73) Ayasli

Features by Edmund Bertschinger (Southern Skies and Cosmic Questions) and David Kaiser (Viki Weisskopf: Searching for Simplicity in a Complicated World)

In Remembrance of Provost and Institute Professor Emeritus Francis E. Low

Giving to Physics profiles on Jane and A. Neil (EE '64) Pappalardo and Howard (’73) and Colleen Messing

Features by Marin Soljačić (Photonic Crystal Enhancement of Optical Non-linearities) and Gabriella Sciolla (The Mystery of CP Violation)

A profile of MIT physics legend Herman Feshbach by Frank Wilczek (Resonating with Feshbach)

Giving to Physics profiles on Mark Mueller ('78) and Mark Siegel ('90) and Suzanne Z. Deutsch, widow of the late Professor of Physics Martin Deutsch.

Features by Robert Simcoe (Cosmic Dawn: Hunting for the First Stars in the Universe) and Vladan Vuletic (Generating Single Photons on Demand)

Education feature by Anthony P. French (Physics Education at MIT: From Bell's Phonautograph to Technology Enhanced Active Learning)

Giving to Physics profiles on Jane and Otto Morningstar ('39) and the Patrons of Physics Fellows George Elbaum (AA '59, SM AA, NU '63, PhD NU '67) and Morton E. Goulder ('42)

Features by Isaac Chuang (Quantum Information: Joining the Foundations of Physics and Computer Science) and Barton Zwiebach (From Vibrating Strings to a Unified Theory of All Interactions)

A wry insider's perspective on faculty retirement by Daniel Kleppner (Emeritus in a Flash)

Giving to Physics profiles of John K. Castle (EC '63) and the Castle Fellowship and Virgil Elings (PhD '66)

Features by Paul Schechter (Einstein's Mirages) and Frank Wilczek (The Origin of Mass)

Education feature by Thomas Greytak (An Educational Initiative: VIII-B in Review)

Giving to Physics profiles of George Elbaum (AA '59) and the Whiteman Fellowships and Jim ('53, PhD '57) and Sylvia Earl

Features by Alan Guth (Inflation and the New Era of High-Precision Cosmology) and Alexander van Oudenaarden (Noisy Genes)

An insider's perspective on the discovery of BEC by David E. Pritchard (Bose-Einstein Condensation: a Double Pot of Gold)

Giving to Physics profile of William M. Layson (PhD '63) and the Presidential Fellowships in Physics

Features by John Joannopolous (Molding the Flow of Light), Wolfgang Ketterle (The Magic of Matter Waves) and Krishna Rajagopal (Free the Quarks)

Education feature on TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) Initiative by John Belcher

Faculty profile of MIT Institute Professor Emeritus Francis E. Low by physics historian David Kaiser

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