Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz, Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT

Assistant Professor of Physics

EMAIL: rgarciar@mit.edu

PHONE: (617) 253-8085

OFFICE: 26-427

ASSISTANT: Lauren Saragosa (617) 253-2387


Area of Physics:

Experimental Nuclear & Particle Physics | Atomic Physics

Research Interests

Our group is focused on the study of atoms and molecules composed of short-lived radioactive nuclei for nuclear structure and fundamental physics research. Precision measurements of their atomic and molecular structures provide a unique insight into the emergence of nuclear phenomena and the properties of nuclear matter at the limits of existence. Moreover, these radioactive systems have the potential to offer a new window for our exploration of the fundamental forces of nature and the search for new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz joined the MIT physics faculty as Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics in January 2020. His main research activities are focused on the development of laser spectroscopy techniques for nuclear structure and fundamental physics research. He obtained his PhD in 2015 at KU Leuven, Belgium. His thesis was awarded with the PhD Thesis Prize (2015-2017) from the Nuclear Physics Division of the European Physical Society. Ronald was based at CERN during his PhD working with the COLLAPS and CRIS experiments at ISOLDE. After his PhD, he became a Research Associate at The University of Manchester (2016-2017). In 2018, he was awarded a CERN Research Fellowship to lead the local CRIS team. At CERN, he has led several experimental programmes motivated by modern developments in nuclear theory, atomic physics and quantum chemistry. He was awarded the IOP Nuclear Physics Group Early Career Prize 2018 for the development of laser spectroscopy techniques to study extreme regions of the nuclear landscape.

Selected Publications

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