Course Web Site Policies

The Physics Academic Office offers course support for Professors and Lecturers.

Course Web Sites [Course Web Site Set-up Form]

Physics faculty have many options regarding course web sites.

  1. Physics will create your site and Physics will maintain it.
  2. Physics will create your site and you will maintain it.
  3. You will create your site and you will maintain it.

There are two types of course web site templates you can choose from:

Departmental Template
Physics Department Course Site Template
Stellar Template
Stellar Course Site Template

The Departmental template is written soley in HTML whereas Stellar is a CMS (Content Management System), akin to blogging websites. The important difference between these is that Department Sites have no gradebook functionality. If you need a gradebook, regardless of which template your course uses, a Stellar site and gradebook will also be created.

Course Web Site Set-up Form

Physics Academic Programs Office has created a form, making it even easier to create a course site for your course. Once submitted, PAP's Course Administrator, Kimeee Heatley, will create your course site and contact you when it is completed. If more help is needed during the semester regarding site navigation or troubleshooting, please contact Kimeee Heatley.

From Creation to Maintenance

Once your course site has been completed and finalized, maintance will move to the Course Manager, Nancy Boyce, who will now handle the day to day postings, exam copying, room reserving, etc.