Pierre Lermusiaux

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Cambridge, MA 02139-4301

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Our research vision is to develop and transform ocean modeling and data assimilation to quantify regional ocean dynamics on multiple scales. Our group creates and utilizes new models and methods for multiscale modeling, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation and the guidance of autonomous vehicles. We then apply these advances to better understand physical, acoustical and biological interactions. Our environment is collaborative within a lively group of students and researchers. We seek both fundamental and applied contributions to build knowledge and benefit society.


Bayesian Nonlinear Assimilation of Eulerian and Lagrangian Coastal Flow Data
Long-duration Environmentally-adaptive Autonomous Rigorous Naval Systems (LEARNS)
Autonomy for Surface Ship Interception and Engagement (AforSSIE)
Acoustic Counter Detection Tactical Decision Aid (ACDTDA)
Integrated Ocean Dynamics and Acoustics (IODA)
Active Transfer Learning for Ocean Modeling (ATL)
Causes and Effects of Shelf-edge Internal Tide Variability
Stochastic Forcing for Ocean Uncertainty Prediction
Multi-scale Ocean modeling pilot project in support of the Pioneer Array (MOPE)
Autonomous Marine Intelligent Swarming Systems for Interdisciplinary Observing Networks (A-MISSION)
Physical and Interdisciplinary Regional Ocean Dynamics and Modeling Systems


Uncertainty Quantification and Data Assimilation Schemes
Applications to Ocean Dynamics
Numerical Modeling
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