Partha S. Ghosh and Associates

Partha S. Ghosh and Associates' experience covers problem solving over a wide range of fundamental business and socio-economic situations that leaders are faced with today.

Through our experience in different kinds of industries worldwide, we bring to play an innovative blend of well proven tools and analyses with zero based thinking with which to deliver our services.

Our current client base includes organizations, which identify with our mission and principles and are able to value the benefits of the professional services and support we have to offer.

If you think we could be of service to your organization, particularly in improving global competitiveness and in establishing or revamping your organization's position in the US, EC, Japan/Asia Pacific, Turkey and India, we would welcome the opportunity to explore possibilities.

While the single most factor which distinguishes Partha Ghosh's approach to strategic problem solving is the unique blend of intellectual ferment and disciplined and rigorous approach he and his teams use in evolving creative and enduring solutions.