Leadership in the 21st Century:
Activating the Power Within and Aligning with the Possibilities Ahead

Instructor: Partha Ghosh

Workshop Description:

The program builds on Partha Ghosh's personal experience of leading and working with Corporate, Political, and Government leaders across cultures in more than dozen nations. It is based on a fundamental premise that irrespective of the background an individual represents, he/she has the innate leadership qualities which could be cultivated, in every person's search for a meaningful and an effective life.

The course building on the analyses of a full spectrum of leaders from Socrates to Andrew Carnegie, from Mother Teresa to Martin Luther King will help the participants to identify the essential underlying qualities in a leader and then identify their own inner potentials of the "self" for the good of the greater society.

The program will essentially conclude with an internal search process vis a vis the emerging challenges of the planet - ecological, energy and equity and help the participants explore how technological, scientific, and organization prowess of our times could be harnessed to evolve a personal and/or a group agenda. In turn participants will be expected to develop a personal development map to unleash his/her inner leadership qualities, and determine likely positions/stands he/she might be able to take in pursuit of a dream or a movement.