More Variations on a Theme
By Chris Morse and Ray Jones

Each of the parts of the sound file are clips from TV Theme songs.
Second is the order that they appear in the clip, preceeded by the
order that they have when leading articles and spaces are removed, and
they are alphabetized and placed in the grid.  Reading the red letters

"The first word of the twenty-first show on the list"
That show in the list is Magnum, P.I.

The answer is therefore: MAGNUM

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (T-21)
All My Children (H-7)
Angel (E-4)
Barney and Friends (F-10)
Battlestar Galactica (I- 17)
Carol Burnett (and friends/show) (R-8)
CHiPs  (S-5)
 (A) Different World (T-9)
Doctor Who (W-7)
Doogie Howser MD (O-3)
Dragnet (R-2)
Fantasy Island (D-13)
Good Times (O-3)
Hawaii Five-O (F-7)
Home Improvement (T-15)
(the) Incredible Hulk (H-11)
Jetsons (E-2)
Knight Rider (T-6)
LA LAW (W-5)
Lost in Space (E-11)
Magnum PI (N-4)
Married With Children (T-10)
Mary Tyler Moore Show (Y-6)
 (the) Misfits of Science (F-9)
Mister Roger's Neighborhood (I-15)
Mork & Mindy (R-3)
My Three Sons (S-11)
Night Court (T-10)
 (the) Outer Limits (S-11)
(the) Pink Panther (H-9)
(the) Prisoner (O-5)
Rawhide (W-3)
Roseanne (O-2)
 (the) six million dollar man (N-19)
Taxi (T-1)
(the) Twilight Zone (H-7)
Unsolved mysteries (E-16)
Welcome back, Kotter (L-3)
What's Happening? (I-12)
Who's the Boss? (S-11)
 (the) Wild Wild West (T-12)

Order in the clip:
Doctor Who
(the) Misfits of Science
Married With Children
Unsolved mysteries
Knight Rider
(the) Incredible Hulk
Barney and Friends
(the) Prisoner 
Hawaii Five-O
Who's the Boss?
My Three Sons
Doogie Howser MD 
Battlestar Galactica
Mary Tyler Moore Show
(the) Outer Limits
What's Happening?
Mister Roger's Neighborhood
(the) six million dollar man
Lost in Space
Night Court
Fantasy Island
All My Children
Home Improvement
Magnum PI
(the) Wild Wild West
Carol Burnett (and friends/show)
Mork & Mindy
Welcome Back, Kotter
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
(the) Pink Panther
(A) Different World
Good Times
 (the) Twilight Zone