The New Year still seems an awful lot like the old year, with just a few little changes here and there.
  1. Abat-voix: 2 wds.
  2. According to Emily Post, it’s placed on top of a small plate in a formal place setting: 2 wds.
  3. Agenda that is not loose and leaves very little time between events: 2 wds.
  4. Ammophila arenaria, for example
  5. Annual Halloween event at Six Flags: 2 wds.
  6. Archivist’s activity involving storing annals: Hyph.
  7. Begun, as an enterprise
  8. Blank item that’s a metaphor for beginning anew: 2 wds.
  9. Bombing attacks from above: 2 wds.
  10. Casual occasions where people congregate: Hyph.
  11. Catcher inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1969
  12. Conversion, in football: 2 wds.
  13. Cords used to help recharge a car’s dead battery: 2 wds.
  14. Denzel Washington’s first movie: 2 wds.
  15. Doctor Who serial before “Mawdryn Undead”
  16. Earth, Wind & Fire’s first hit to reach the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100: 2 wds.
  17. Edward W. Kellogg was one of its inventors
  18. Encino Man star: 2 wds.
  19. Exposes, as if from out of the darkness: 3 wds.
  20. Film partly set at the Hotel Earle: 2 wds.
  21. Focus of the ministry that employs Mr. Teabag: 2 wds.
  22. Food basics given to prisoners, stereotypically: 3 wds.
  23. From Bonn, from 1949 to 1990: 2 wds.
  24. Giving up criminal activities, or not turning: 2 wds.
  25. Heaviest, or of most import
  26. “He wants to watch Ravnica burn, one soul at a time”
  27. Home to the World Backgammon Championship: 2 wds.
  28. House-warming technique embraced by the SEIA: 2 wds.
  29. Howard Wolowitz’s nickname on the International Space Station: 2 wds.
  30. How you might be “called” if you’re being criticized: 3 wds.
  31. Instigates something dangerous, as putting a match to a stick of dynamite: 3 wds.
  32. It contains “our daily bread”, with “The”: 2 wds.
  33. Item that might feature isobars: 2 wds.
  34. It’s collected during trepanging: 2 wds.
  35. It was ratified December 15, 1791: 3 wds.
  36. Keeping protective watch (over), as a sentry would: 2 wds.
  37. Kind of hero in a John Lennon title: 2 wds.
  38. Leading, as an organized group effort
  39. Lines on a Yankees home uniform
  40. Main entrances to houses, usually: 2 wds.
  41. Making permanent scratches in, as the skin of some African tribe members
  42. Mechanical pencil, such as the Staedtler Mars Technico
  43. Members of genus Camponotus: 2 wds.
  44. Michael Jackson’s debut solo album: 4 wds.
  45. Mirror, as Lewis Carroll would put it: Hyph.
  46. Mixologist’s skill
  47. Movie that begins “My life fades. The vision dims”: 3 wds.
  48. News that’s happening right now: 2 wds.
  49. Nonviolent battles that may cause feathers to fly: 2 wds.
  50. Not currently having a vested title holder, as an estate: 2 wds.
  51. Not giving up (like the New Kids on the Block): 2 wds.
  52. One of the three lifts in the sport of powerlifting: 2 wds.
  53. Parent organization of Vermont Creamery: 2 wds.
  54. Persistent, loud throat sound from someone with a cold: 2 wds.
  55. Person searching for things along a shoreline
  56. Pieces of furniture where people sit to have dinner: 2 wds.
  57. Place mentioned in the lyrics of “Cabinet Battle #1”
  58. Potentially ready to buy, with “for”: 3 wds.
  59. Random virtue testing is a form of it
  60. Rowena Mohr’s character on Neighbours: 2 wds.
  61. Rubber, traction-providing features found on cars: 2 wds.
  62. Simultaneous, conflicting feelings: 2 wds.
  63. Smallest of the US’s 383 metropolitan statistical areas, in terms of population: 2 wds.
  64. Steinway’s Model D, e.g.: 2 wds.
  65. Stingy person, like Rick Broida’s CNET persona
  66. Studio that produced The Smurfs: Hyph.
  67. Technique that takes advantage of Barnum statements: 2 wds.
  68. The TB of TBC, to an engineer: 2 wds.
  69. They could be personal or dependent, to the IRS: 2 wds.
  70. They’re gripped to bring vehicles to quick stops: 2 wds.
  71. Tortrix moth
  72. Transporting by water, as military supplies over the Mediterranean
  73. Unspunnenfest’s location
  74. Using hues to distinguish different things: Hyph.
  75. Variety of fruit commonly used to make purple juice: 2 wds.
  76. Vehicles owned by members of the Wally Byam Caravan Club
  77. What Oliver wanted when he asked for “more”: 2 wds.
  78. Where Constantine falls in a list of popes (ignoring antipopes): Hyph.
  79. Where Motel 6 was founded: 2 wds.
  80. Word in the title of the 1958 Tony winner for Best Play

Boldfaced red circles will be used in exactly two patterns, which will share exactly one letter in that position. All other circles will be used in one or more patterns. Patterns may appear forward, backward, up, or down, but not diagonally. No two patterns will overlap by more than seven circles.