by Sarah Bagby
Problem: Holi Town/​Patriots’ Day Town

The pattern gives instructions for an oddly shaped object: it has a wide base, with the beginnings of eight cables; a narrow neck, in which the cables intertwine; and a wide top, with the cables’ ends.

Emerging from each end of each cable are two Morse code letters, worked in a slip-stitch pattern; each Morse bigram is an internet country code (flavortext: “telegrams and the internet”). (Two of the codes used belong to British overseas territories rather than to countries per se; we refer to all of these entities, countries and territories alike, as countries in the text and table below.) Follow the cables through the cable panel to match up pairs of countries. Now, per the flavortext, just call to work out the differences: subtract the international calling code of the bottom country from that of the top country, to obtain eight numbers all less than 26. Reading these as 1 = A, etc., from the letter generated by the cable whose top end is leftmost (shown in red below) to that whose top end is rightmost (orange) yields ANTHEMIC.

Top Country Calling Code Bottom Country Calling Code Difference Letter
IO 246 GW 245 1 A
CG 242 TG 228 14 N
TZ 255 TD 235 20 T
AC 247 ST 239 8 H
SC 248 CD 243 5 E
ET 251 CV 238 13 M
GA 241 SL 232 9 I
CF 236 GH 233 3 C