by Chris Morse, Dan Katz, and Matt Gruskin
Answer: MINI USB
Problem: Pi Day Town/​Bloomsday Town

This puzzle presents seven sets of clues to the solver, in the shape of a seven-segment display. Each segment of the display scrolls through eight different clues in a fixed order. Each of the clues solves to an answer that contains exactly one of the substrings START, ON, or OFF. By aligning the STARTs of each clue sequence, and then illuminating the display segments in sequence of the ON and OFF substrings, the solver can produce a sequence of seven digits on the display.

In the answers below, the segments of the seven-segment display are identified as (a) through (g), proceeding clockwise from the top segment, and considering the center segment (g) last. The numbers identify the order in which the clues within a segment scroll.

Figure by Uln2003
Own work, CC0, Link
0a. Hugo Award exclusively won by Frank Kelly Freas (twice) Best Artist
0b. Harry Turtledove story in which Gandhi’s tactics prove ineffective “The Last Article”
0c. Full name of the venue where Real Oviedo plays home games Estadio Municipal Carlos Tartiere
0d. 42-story Moscow skyscraper where AstraZeneca has offices Nordstar Tower
0e. Type of pressure that can be measured via US patent #6997877 Post Arteriolar
0f. Television show whose spinoffs launched in 1973, 1987, 1993, 1995, 2001, and 2017 Star Trek
0g. Catcher with only two major-league at-bats, both for the Cardinals in late 2015 Travis Tartamella
1a. First place to be represented by a “D” mintmark in the US Dahlonega
1b. Game show on which contestants hope to avoid the “Bankrupt” wedge Wheel of Fortune
1c. Academy Award nominee for playing Tybalt Basil Rathbone
1d. It goes with The Angel, Islington and Pentonville Road Euston Road
1e. The capital of Benin Porto-Novo
1f. Flannery or Carroll, e.g. O’Connor
1g. The southernmost US state capital that is ten letters long Baton Rouge
2a. Show with fans that might join “Team Logan” or “Team Duncan” Veronica Mars
2b. Source of Fred’s ribs that tip over the car in the closing segment Brontosaurus
2c. Fashion icon portrayed on SNL by Maya Rudolph and Molly Shannon Donatella Versace
2d. Sculptor of Seated Woman on a Bench Willem de Kooning
2e. Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, or Kentucky, e.g. Commonwealth
2f. Prefabricated structure of corrugated steel with a semicircular cross-section Quonset hut
2g. Australian film featuring Kenneth Branagh Rabbit-Proof Fence
3a. Largest Japanese island Honshu
3b. Comic strip with a character that led to an eponymous multilayered sandwich “Blondie”
3c. Home to Drake, Butler, Marist, and Stetson Pioneer Football League
3d. Capital of Ontario Toronto
3e. Actor whose real-life wife played one of his ex-wives on an NBC comedy Nick Offerman
3f. Beverly Cleary character with glow-in-the-dark shoelaces Otis Spofford
3g. Sri Lankan-born, Canadian author who won the Booker Prize Michael Ondaatje
4a. She portrayed both Ophelia and Olivia in Shakespearean film adaptations Helena Bonham Carter
4b. Host city of the (fictional) Miss United States Pageant the year Rhode Island won San Antonio
4c. Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, and Wang Hongwen The Gang of Four
4d. Whip made of several knotted cords fastened to a handle cat-o’-nine-tails
4e. Movie featuring “The Bonnie Situation” Pulp Fiction
4f. The open architectural space like that under a stairwell or between a set of cabinets and the ceiling soffit
4g. He spent 7 years on The Carol Burnett Show Lyle Waggoner
5a. Singer of the song the dinner party dance is coordinated to in Beetlejuice Harry Belafonte
5b. Theatre of the Absurd Romanian-French playwright Eugène Ionesco
5c. Short-lived NBC medical drama with a recurring role for Lin-Manuel Miranda Do No Harm
5d. Movie title parodied by a 2000 Jackie Chan film High Noon
5e. He wrote all of Coupling and much of Sherlock Steven Moffat
5f. Bankrupt country featured in Duck Soup Freedonia
5g. NH3 ammonia
6a. Son of Amittai Jonah
6b. Arabica and canephora account for most of the world’s production of this coffee
6c. Role played by Robert De Niro, Ben Gazzara, and Rod Steiger Al Capone
6d. Boston landmark with “salt and pepper” towers Longfellow Bridge
6e. Subject of the film The Wizard of Lies Bernie Madoff
6f. Character Kramer impersonates when he gets wrong numbers Mr. Moviefone
6g. Sheppard Hot 100 Billboard song “Geronimo”
7a. Film for which John Malkovich lost an Oscar to an American-born actor In the Line of Fire
7b. Acton Bell, actually Anne Bron
7c. Artist with 12 #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits from 1984 to 2000 Madonna
7d. The second band to have a Hot 100 hit song that began with the same 4 gibberish German words The Offspring
7e. Actor who played the same role in a 1970 movie and the hit TV show based on it Gary Burghoff
7f. “Flotation device” that allows Ishmael alone to survive coffin
7g. This composer’s opera lent the music to the popular French cancan dance Jacques Offenbach

The digits displayed are (in order) 6, 0, 3, 2, 9, 5, 1. These digits can be substituted into the phone number underneath the display (with the first digit replacing 1, the second replacing 2, etc.) to form the actual number you want to dial: (603) 229-5500 x6151. When you call this number, you will hear the answer to this puzzle, which is MINI USB.