by Sami Casanova

The words shown are the second words in some common phrases. Two words on opposite sides are a match, when the first words in those phrases are antonyms (“opposites attract”). Draw lines connecting the dots next to each word in a matching pair. Each line will cross exactly one letter; reading from top to bottom, the crossed letters spell RARE ANARCHY. Take the antonyms of these to get the answer to the puzzle, which is COMMON LAW.

Matching pairs:

  • (Strange) ATTRACTOR + (Normal) DISTRIBUTION
  • (Finite) AUTOMATON + (Infinite) JEST
  • (True) DETECTIVE + (False) TEETH
  • (Reader’s) DIGEST + (Writer’s) BLOCK
  • (Hot) DOG + (Cold) TURKEY
  • (Specific) GRAVITY + (General) ANESTHETIC
  • (Artificial) INTELLIGENCE + (Natural) DISASTER
  • (Acid) REFLUX + (Base) JUMPING
  • (Mine) SWEEPER + (Yours) TRULY
  • (Full) THROTTLE + (Empty) NEST
  • (Sperm) WHALE + (Egg) TIMER