by Beth Coffin-LeBeau
Problem: Arbor Day Town/​Bloomsday Town

The image tiles that are part of the puzzle can be arranged into fourteen larger images. Each composite image contains a single sentence from an official translation of a book in the Harry Potter series. There are two examples in each of seven languages. The goal is to identify what chapter the sentence comes from, and which sentence from the translation’s chapter (there may not be a 1-to-1 mapping in the American version) is pictured. To help identify the source of the phrase, the order of the books is the same as the alphabetical ordering of the source’s language.

Solvers should use the sentence number as an index into the name of the chapter (US Version — as hinted by the “no philosophers allowed” in the flavortext). Ordering the extracted letters by the order in which the chapter appears in the books spells out the phrase GHOUL SLEEPWEAR. Looking at the chapter names in the Harry Potter series reveals that chapter six of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the US version) is named “The Ghoul in Pajamas.” This gives the solution: PAJAMAS.

Assembled Image Language English Translation Book # Chapter # Sentence # Chapter Name Letter
Czech It seemed to me that Hagrid fell from heaven and told me I was going to go to the witch school. 1 5 4 Diagon Alley G
Czech Malfoy could not believe his eyes when he saw the next day that both Harry and Ron were still in Hogwarts and looked tired, but they were in the best mood. 1 10 1 Halloween H
Finnish On the bed, a small creature littered with big bats and green-eyed eyes like tennis balls. 2 2 2 Dobby’s Warning O
Finnish It was harder to escape from Colin Creevey, who seemed to have taught Harry to look outside. 2 7 2 Mudbloods and Murmurs U
Greek Only Draco Malfoy and his friends made negative comments about Professor Lupin. 3 8 2 Flight of the Fat Lady L
Greek That night no one in the Gryffindor dorm did not sleep. 3 14 1 Snape’s Grudge S
Indonesian The maid ran screaming down the hill into the village and roused as many people as she could. 4 1 8 The Riddle House L
Indonesian He got up, dressed in the dim light of dawn, left the room without waking Ron, and went down to the empty recreation room. 4 15 2 Beauxbatons and Durmstrang E
Japanese For a while, Harry was standing still. 5 7 3 The Ministry of Magic E
Japanese Next morning, Harry first woke up in the same dormitory room. 5 14 1 Percy and Padfoot P
Russian1 Harry Potter snored loudly in his room. 6 3 1 Will and Won’t W
Russian “In short, not a good birthday overall,” stated Fred. 6 19 1 Elf Tails E
Swedish Harry struggled to get out of the debris of metal and leather that surrounded him. 7 5 2 Fallen Warrior A
Swedish In the smallest bedroom was a long, coarse, black hair (picked from the sweater Hermione wore at Malfoy's mansion) curled up in a small glass bottle on the shelf. 7 26 22 Gringotts R

1. The Russian used here is from the Machaon edition (translated by Maria Spivek) of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which, since 2014, is the officially published version.

2. The English language editions have this as clause in a larger sentence. However in the Swedish edition, it is its own sentence.