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Wizard's Hollow

Fortune Teller

by Linda Holman, Nina Hinrichs, Dave "Rico" Fisher

This puzzle used the ClueKeeper app and locations on MIT campus. Teams opened the ClueKeeper app, tapped Enter Hunt Code, then typed VISION to download the hunt.

The hunt consisted of several clues. Each clue had a fortune that hints at a location on campus. Teams went to each location and tapped on Use Ball to see part of an image that could be found at that location, following the instructions.

Using your phone, line up the image with the real world item. While still viewing the item (don’t turn away!) wipe all the clouds away on your screen. ClueKeeper will tell you when the clouds are fully cleared.
Blue Vision A man dispersed is feeling blue, Three times he cries out twenty-two! Bldg. 66 top floor
Column Vision Ionic columns standing tall, Adorn a well known lecture hall. 26-100
Endless Vision Above the endless walk of fame, Waits Zeus but with another name. Infinite Corridor 3rd floor
Forbidden Vision Ascend the stairs in number nine, Revealing this Forbidden find. Bldg. 9 2nd floor stairwell
Found Vision A horned beast lurks underground, Where engineering toys are found. Bldg. 3 basement
Hall Vision Beware the figure near this Hall, For "Kill Ian" may be its call. Hall between bldg. 2 and 14
New Vision The building here is very new, Upstairs you take a Selfie View. Bldg. 12 4th floor
Pop Vision A bullet fired cannot stop, In thirty four you see the pop. Bldg. 34 3rd floor
Ranger Vision A Texas Ranger looking down, Sees busy Tim in shades of brown. Walker entryway floor
Sweet Vision On level four near sweet sixteen, The Pentateuch is sometimes seen. Bldg. 16 at 56, 4th floor, in display case

Complete at least 8 of these to unlock the final Vision Clarity Test riddle, “What size of clothing do fortune tellers wear?” The answer is MEDIUM.

Solving that riddle unlocks a message from ClueKeeper to type in READY FOR A READING on your park map. That triggers a room visit from the Fortune Teller.

Gaze into the (physical) Fortune Teller’s crystal ball to see the final puzzle answer, LOCALITY.

Thanks to Dave "Rico" Fisher for Zappar and ClueKeeper work.