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Wizard's Hollow

Magic Railway

by Linda Holman, Casey Holman

This is a “state machine” style puzzle, where players each follow a set of complex directions and one player’s action triggers the next. Some actions are never triggered and there are several misleading directions.

Correct Ticket Distribution

Julian is first because he's the conductor; Ulysses cuts in line and takes the 2 sequential tickets; Alfred uses magic to summon the remaining left-side ticket; Ellis is triggered by magic and takes the ticket closest to conductor for himself and hands the remainder in order; Riva was next in line and gets the next ticket; Ophidian conjures a ticket one higher than Riva's. Thus:

Julian Jacobite (no ticket, seat 1)
Ulysses McEmperor seat 9
Dross McEmperor seat 10
Alfred Nobottom seat 7
Ellis P. Cornwall seat 2
Riva Rosewood seat 12
Professor Ophidian (fake ticket, seat 13)

Correct Order of Turns

1. Julian Jacobite, Conductor (start in seat 1) Once everyone is seated and ready, stand up & call, “All Aboard! Have your tickets ready. And remember, performing magic on the train is not allowed.” Then start at the front of the train and walk down the aisle collecting each passenger’s ticket. If you encounter a passenger with a fake ticket, stand in the aisle next to them and say accusingly, “That ticket is a fake!” Your turn ends at this point.

Commotion Count = 1

2. Professor Ophidian (start in seat 13 with fake ticket) If the Conductor won’t accept your fake ticket, use a magical charm instead. Say, “Perplexius!” With a quick flick of your wand, confound the Conductor so that they drop any collected tickets on the floor beneath the empty seat across the aisle and return to seat one.

Commotion Count = 2

3. Ellis P. Cornwall (start in seat 2) That tingling sense is because somebody just used magic! That’s not allowed on the train, but you’ll need more proof. Move to the seat across from the person who may have used magic and keep a close eye on them.

Commotion Count = 3
Call out Arisaig Stop 1

4. Riva Rosewood (start in seat 12) Going off to wizarding school on your own is so exciting, you want everyone to know about it. If the front seat on your side of the train opens up, move up to it and belt out a quick verse, “I’m a little cauldron, short and stout. Here is my handle, where’s Professor Sprout?” Then bow and sit down.

Commotion Count = 4

5. Alfred Nobottom (start in seat 7) Singing makes you feel a little less angry. If someone sings, shout, “Bravo!” and clap loudly. Then exclaim, “What a beautiful song, and what a great view of a flying car outside my train window!”

Commotion Count = 4

6. Dross McEmperor (start in seat 10) Looking out the window is about all a house elf can do on a long train ride. If you hear about a good view, make sure you can see it, too. If it’s on the other side of the train, plead, “Master, I want to see out the other window. Can we trade seats? Please, please, pretty please?”

Commotion Count = 4
Call out Mallaig Stop 2

7. Ulysses McEmperor (start in seat 9) Keeping a house elf under control is hard work, especially when you can’t use magic; you’ve got to remember to reward them for using their manners. If Dross asks to trade seats and says please, then trade seats. If Dross does not say please, use your strict voice and say, “Your attitude really burns me up!”

Commotion Count = 4

8. Alfred Nobottom (start in seat 7) Why can’t everyone just stay in their seats? If a house elf moves to the seat directly in front of or behind you, move across the aisle to avoid being annoyed by them.

Commotion Count = 4

9. Professor Ophidian (in seat 13) Watch the passengers closely. If a turn ends with more people sitting in the even-numbered seats than in the odd-numbered seats, it’s time to get moving. Stand and walk to the front of the train, telling the Conductor, “This is my stop.” Get off the train as soon as possible.

Commotion Count = 5
Call out Loch Pother Stop 3

10. Ellis P. Cornwall (in seat 14) Did your suspect try to give you the slip at the last stop? No problem, of course. The rules against using magic on the train don’t apply to Ministry Police. Pull out your wand and say, “Don’t be alarmed, I’m with the Ministry!” Then quickly disapparate back to the last station and continue tailing the suspect.

Commotion Count = 5

11. Ulysses McEmperor (in seat 10) You don’t really feel safe here, with all these prying eyes. If the two seats at the rear of the train are both unoccupied, tell Dross, “We’re moving to the back of the train car, that’s an order.” Before moving, carelessly drop the newspaper clipping under your seat.

Commotion Count = 5

12. Dross McEmperor (in seat 9) If your master orders you to sit in the back of the train, you'd better be on your best behavior, or else. Say, “Yes Master, but I still want to look out the window.” Then your master and you should both move straight back to the seats at the rear of the train.

Commotion Count = 5
Call out Witchdale Stop 4

13. Riva Rosewood (in seat 2) The Witchdale train stop looks so inspiring, you just don’t want to leave it behind. As soon as the train pulls out of the Witchdale station, stand up, raise your arms and proclaim, “I just can’t sit, I have to sing!”

Commotion Count = 5

14. Julian Jacobite, Conductor (in seat 1) Singing on the train really gets on your nerves. You can let it go once, but if someone threatens to sing a second time, say, “No more caterwauling, I just can’t stand it! I’m escorting you to the back of the train.” Then walk the passenger to the farthest back unoccupied seat on the odd-numbered side. Return to your own seat.

Commotion Count = 8

15. Alfred Nobottom (in seat 8) If the Commotion Count reaches 8, it’s time to snap! Stand up and shout, “Why is everyone switching seats? Why can’t we just ride in peace? How about this, everyone on the train, get up and switch seats across the aisle. Do it now! Then sit down and shut up!” Everyone should switch seats as you ask, as long as you’re loud enough.

Call out Glencragenshire Stop 5

16. Dross McEmperor (in seat 14) You’re usually looking down, like any well-behaved house elf. If you spot something under your seat that has been dropped, collect it! For any item or items you’ve found, cross out all digits in the current turn number, then add up the remaining digits and use them as an index into the most recent stop name.

w/o 1,6
Index into
13051 8 G
41002 6 R
17010 7 A
61213 5 C
30601 3 E

17. Riva Rosewood (now in seat 12) Is that house elf just picking up and sorting trash, or are they discovering the best way to deal with stress? Try something similar! Tell everyone, “I think the real answer is right here on this train!” Then have everyone remain in their seats, and for each seated person, use the seat number to count into their name, taking that letter.

Passenger Seat
into name
JUlian Jacobite 2 U
Alfred Nobottom 7 N
Riva RosewooD 12 D
Ulysses McEmpEror 13 E
Dross McEmperoR 14 R

18. Ulysses McEmperor (in seat 13) As the train approaches the Pigsbrew Village station, you are anxious to disembark and use magic again. Other people seem to have found their answers, but you’re having trouble remembering your favorite element. What could it be?

The classical element that makes sense with GRACE & UNDER is FIRE.
Call out Pigsbrew Village Stop 6

Final solution is GRACE UNDER FIRE