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Safari Adventure

Ms. Cunningham

by Wei-Hwa Huang

How to Solve

These are initialed names of TaleSpin characters. These tell you which animals you're looking for.

For each, find a "feeder" answer that is a letter + a unit of distance; e.g. OMICRON, O + MICRON. Order these by length from micron to A.U.; the added letters form a message.

Clue Character Animal "Feeder" Letter Unit Length (m)
Col. I. S. Col. Iv. Spigot Pig OMICRON O micron 0.000001
M. D. Mad Dog Dog ULINE U line 0.0021
Don K. Don Karnage Wolf TRACK UNIT T rack unit 0.04445
L. Louie Orangutan LYIN L yin 33.33
B. v. B. XIII Baloo Bear ALI A li 500
W. Wildcat Lion TAU T A.U. 150000000000
S. Khan Shere Khan Tiger ????? ? ??? ???

This yields OUTLAT plus a Tiger-letter, suggesting OUTLAST.

Thus we know the Tiger-answer should be S + a unit of measurement > a li but < an A.U.

SMILE fits.