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Storybook Forest

The Storykeeper Bookshop

by Linda Holman, Yar Woo (pancake puzzle), Summer Herrick (video)

The puzzle video shows Penny in a bookshop, shelving books. The books' jackets have prominent titles. After putting the books in this order, Penny asks “How am I going to find the time to draw those new illustrations?”

The book titles are:

  • Cuddly Ogres
  • Vampire Entourage
  • Retired Fairies
  • Owl Reading
  • Magical Elves

The initials of the book titles, in order, spell COVER FOR ME, which fit in the provided blanks nicely.

Teams who entered this were instructed to visit guest services. There, they received a big piece of paper and instructions to create a piece of art depicting something in particular. (These artworks later were part of the Character Breakfast event.) Turning in the piece of art was rewarded with Penny's thank-you note containing the puzzle's solution: SORRY I'M LATE.