Dorm Links

Helpful hints for the clueless or curious:

J.Arthur's Cookbook
This is a helpful guide to living at MIT and specifically at Random Hall, given to freshmen at the beginning of the year.
Random Hall Office Hours
Need help for a GIR or other class, and main campus is too far? Come to Random Hall Office Hours instead! Hosted by miscellaneous upperclassmen who just want to be helpful.
Laundry Server
The center for all your laundry needs. It spins! It dries! It tells you the status of the laundry! The time savings are mind-boggling.
Bathroom Server
Find out the occupancy status of various bathrooms in the dorm. More mind-boggling time savings due to not having to look down the hallway.
Soda Tab
If you have a soda tab with Random Hall's desk, you can see how much money you can spend on soda (or owe for soda).
AiW Scheduler
For the more forward-minded among us, a way to ensure that you'll be able to watch that special program on the big screen when you want to.  Schedule an event now to avoid disappointment later.
Video Database
Wanna watch a movie?  Don't wanna go to Blockbuster?  Check here to see if Random owns what you want to see, and berate the Video Chair if it doesn't.  
The Secretary Homepage
Interested in old meeting minutes?  

Dormitory Council
DormCon is the governing body of the dorm system. Visit their site for information on the dorm system as a whole.
Housing Website
Access lots of useful information on dorms and other living groups around the Institvte.
Housing Repair Request Form
The new housing repair request page: the online replacement for the old blueslips.